Abstractions Inspired by Life

Asher's photography holds a lantern to the human condition and informs his abstract art, to fascinate and inspire us. His work, with highly finished stainless steel and other durable metals, polymers, glass and wood, become location specific, enhancing the experience of all who pass.


There's an initial concept, then a site visit, listening to stakeholders, building 3D models and engineering, so the sculpture is also safe and durable. Asher works with certified fabricators, side by side with the skilled artisans. Monumental architectural and public art require heavy duty specialized equipment. I make templates to ensure I build what was imagined, but still it's iterative, and so the artist must respond to the voice of the work as it develops too.  Some sculptures have programmed lights, bearings, structural cables and advanced polymer fittings to protect adjacent surfaces from vibration damage or chipping. Beauty to endure the elements!

Artist Statement

I've done many jobs, all related to using my hands, my eyes, intellect and imagination. I snapped pictures with my Kodak box camera, called in the cows before dawn, cleaned cars, sorted and welded automobile parts, designed cutting tools, treated children with smallpox in Nigeria, entire families in Zimbabwe, (photographing everything around), researched damage of DNA by viruses and by anticancer platinum drugs, guided my Ph.D. students and trained medical students, served for decades as radiation oncologist, (making 3D sculptures of energy deposition in the body to induce cancers to be vanquished from within). Then in 2000 returned full time to sculpture and Photography, taking time to pick up leaves, old rusty metal run over by cars and constantly imagining new shapes that recapitulate everything I have ever touched.


In all I have done, it's the celebration of nature, and humanity that engages me the most. In the last 17 years I have transitioned to photographs that evoke more than the subjects photographed. I intend my art to confront social values. My sculpture exploits discoveries from my photography. My intent is form which is impressive, uplifting and hopefully inspirational. 


Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries, commission requests or studio visits, please contact Asher David Kelman today.



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