"The Puff of Wind"


Daughter and son of man

Find your mission

The oceans beckon

Your boat will carry our dreams 

 Asher Kelman 2016


"Puff of Wind"


 New arrivals look up to see Lady Liberty's lantern

The young in "Gaff-Rigged" boats set forth.

 A mere "Puff of Wind" fills their sail

 Starting their "Odyssey".


So I dreamed

Reaching the "American Dream"

 In my magical boat, going West, toward the Pacific Ocean.




The Metaphor: The Odyssey Powered by a "Puff of Wind"!


A "Puff of wind" fills the sail and they set the course and their off. They fish and share, sleep in turns and read the stars at night. In storms, one releases, the gaff-rigged sail to fall and they ride it out. They find new resources and friends. By their merit we all succeed.

The sail boat, itself, catching the eye, should evoke wonder and the will to take risks for something beyond our horizons. 




The Video of the Entire Puff of wind projecT

abstraction to Installation

  © Asher Kelman all rights reserved